Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Is Moody Really The Name You Can Trust?"--

In this earlier post, I asked the question "Is Moody Really The Name You Can Trust". Well, from readng this post from "Slice", it would appear that anyone who listens to Moody must be willing and able to use discernment that we used to trust MBI with.

Apparently Dr. Easley, the president of MBI, has a problem with those who question Rick Warren's affiliation with Senator Obama.

So, Dr. Easley, it's ok to join up with a pro-abortionist in the name of "fighting aids" even when they refuse to speak against the things that contribute to its spread -- such as gay bathhouses, the promotion of same-sex marriage, etc., ad-nauseum?

Dr. Easley; Rick Warren says "It takes two wings to fly", which (in view of his alliance with Obama) apparently means "left and right wing". So, are you going to ask your friend Rick Warren to flap his "right wing" and ask for the shutting down of the bathhouses and the unqualified defense of traditional heterosexual marriage?

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