Friday, December 01, 2006

My Kingdom for Someone With Discernment:
A lesson in duplicity

Is there anyone left who really believes in the proper view of the Word of God?

One really wonders this. Especially after the conversation I had today.

Just a while ago, I had a conversation with someone who is struggling with his church leadership. Now it turns out the problem is far more widespread than he had thought.

He had presented a deaconess (that's a whole other topic) with this article which clearly shows the abuse of scripture in "The Purpose Driven Life".

This person, normally, is one who would stand "for the authority of the Scriptures". Wow! You'd think this article would get some positive support from the individual.

Well, it did. To a point. The deaconess said "Yes, I can see how this is wrong. It gives the wrong meaning, BUT the book has helped so many people!"

Wow. So, in other words, deception is ok as long as it helps someone? And how, in what specific way, has it "helped" anyone? And this is a "leader" in the local church? Deception is ok in the right context? Even if it means misrepresenting the Lord of Glory Himself?

Now, this is my former church. I know the people he's talking about. And it grieves me. I had expected so much more of these people.

There can be no middle ground. When it comes to God's Word, you cannot have it both ways. Either you agree with God, or you don't. And how dare us (myself or anyone) approve of anything that misrepresents what God has said, even if it shows apparent "benefits".

We are told to "...speak the truth in love...". That kind of eliminates falsehood. We are to speak the truth in love but a lie, by its very nature, leaves love out. A lie is merely a verbal tool to get an immediate perceivable reward. How dare us think God works that way! And isn't that what the serpent did in the Garden? He told a lie to get an immediate result.

And so it goes on today.

Beloved, we are called to dedication to God's Truth. To read it, know it, obey it and speak it. It couldn't get any clearer. Or simpler. The outworkings may be difficult but the principle is very, very simple -- Know what God has said and do it -- that is the essense of saving faith!

May the Lord have mercy on us, and help us to be faithful in these dark days.

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Anonymous said...

You are correct in your assessment of God's Truth being the only thing any Christian should adhere to. Your former "deaconess" has a pragmatic, worldly view of success and what is helpful or beneficial for mankind. What she fails to understand is that was a person feels is helpful in their lives is not what a person truly needs according to God. What every sinner needs is a Savior who will be the propitiation for his sins, otherwise he will perish and spend an eternity in hell because he is unworthy and unrighteous without the blood of Christ to cover his sin. People don't feel the need to be saved because the Bible says we are sheep who are easily deceived. In fact, our hearts overflow with deceit and wickedness, so how could we possibly know what we need apart from God's Word and His truth? Sure, the Purpose Driven Life may have helped some people alleviate their guilt, give them a feeling of worldly purpose, or even compelled them to do a kind act, but do these things save anyone? Absolutely not! There are many who will spend an eternity in hell if they put their trust in the god of the Purpose Driven Life instead of in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died and rose again to pay the penalty for our sins. You won't read in PDL about how we are already condemned in our sinful state. We already deserve hell, from the moment we are born, and only through the GRACE of God, through faith in Jesus Christ, are we saved. Not by ANY works of our own merit, but by the power of Jesus Christ alone. To HIM be the praise. May we constantly exhort, rebuke, contend for the faith, and pray for God to use us as instruments of His saving grace to those who are perishing and trusting the god of this world and not God Almighty.