Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Request for Prayers and Petitions

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with an old deacon friend of mine. He still attends my old church. A few years ago, they began chasing the purpose-driven rabbit. And my friend is about the only one there who is trying to stand up for the truth.

Yesterday he let me know that the pastor's wife came to him, crying, and saying "Please don't leave, we can work something out."

Well, repentance would be a good start ma'am, but I don't think that is going to happen. Besides, do you represent church leadership?

Anyway, he said all he really wants is for them to be willing to just read the material he has on Warrenism and where it is going, not to mention the issue of Rick Warren's character. But that doesn't appear to be in the works. Once you've eaten the "purpose driven mushrooms" you get so tripped out you don't care much for reality.

Anyway, I remember at my new church they said "you never mention the name of the church you left in your testimony". Oh yeah, we can't offend anyone, can we... Oh well, this isn't my testimony, and even if it were, I would take that statement for a walk down to "Frankly, my dear" park. (Ok, that dates me. Think "Casablanca").

Here's a link to the all knowing - all serving "Purpose Driven Church Finder".

Look for "Village Baptist Church". And please remember that there is a guy there who is fighting a lonely battle for biblical Christianity.

Blessings to you.

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