Monday, December 18, 2006

Yup, It's Happening --
Growth in the home church movement

Not a bit surprising.

According to this news article from, home churches are gaining ground.

I am rather amused by one statement in there, referencing how some "...question their theology because they have no trained clergy." To which I reply "Given how so many seminaries are buying into emergent and PDL, how is seminary a guarantee against anything"? Indeed, Rick Warren went to a seminary. My conferences seminary is Bethel in Minnesota, and it's buying into the new age marketing techniques of Erwin McManus.

While I'm not against formal training for ministry, I don't see it as a requirement. The closest I've seen to an argument for requiring seminary is "Paul was in the wilderness for three years". To which I reply "...and?".

Then there is the faux argument (not in the article) that you need conferences so you can send missionaries. Uh, yeah....right. I've actually heard that one.

It seems that the reason so many are starting home churches is because they want to get back to the basics. How was it done in the first century? And I'll admit bias -- I think it should be done that way too.

And you know what? Mark my words -- this will continue as traditional churches buy into the PDL/Seeker baal worship. People will eventually see it as empty. The soul can tell the difference, you know. If you eat enough cotton candy, you learn that you are still empty.

Also, as true believers become more marginalized, we will see more of an "underground church" movement. No, I haven't "had a vision", but it is going to happen barring some mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.


David Dansker said...

I read your post on Slice, wanted to stop by you site and say hello, and that I was inspired by your holding a home church. I agree with your point that formal training is not necessary, and indeed has shown itself to be a impediment with all the fads and programs they dispense. Thanks again for the encouragement,


willmania said...

Please overlook my ignorance & tell me what an "underground church" is. Thanks, man.

Tim Brown said...


The term "Underground church" is used to describe those churches in countries that open persecute those who really follow Jesus Christ. They typically meet in homes or other (secret) places to avoid arrest. One such country where this is common is China.

In China, churches are normally required to register with the government. Once they do that, what they teach and do is dictated. Since government officials know where they are, they are kept on a "short leash". This "church" is really more of a facade than a real church in the New Testament sense.

We are living in a day when our freedom to express our faith is being taken away. I was listening to VCY America radio the other day and one former member of congress (I think) was talking about how he expects our freedoms to be all but gone with the start of the next congress. Hate Crime legislation, etc. This is already happening in Canada, where preaching Romans 1 in its fullness can land you in jail for "Hate Speech" because it tells the truth about homosexuality.

Of course our freedom here to speak openly and biblically about social issues (without penalty) may last for some time. But even if not, we have a moral duty to speak biblically on the
very things that may land us in jail.

Here's a good link to learn more

Stephen said...

Really, it won't even require an act of government. As more and more of the established church falls victim to purpose-driven and new-age apostasy, and Biblical faith is increasingly denounced by "true Christians" being blindly sucked into the undertow of antichrist, we will see the sheep that God has chosen become increasingly marginalized, and forced out of the demonic mainstream, to be singled out for intense persecution.

Just remember, we were told this would happen. I eagerly watch for the appearance of "the man of lawlessness", for in seeing him I know that the Man of Law draws ever nearer, not only to judge the wicked, but to save those that have trusted Him.