Monday, December 11, 2006

How Do You Define "Insanity"?

The term "insanity", has been defined (by A.A., I think) as "doing the same repeatedly while expecting different results".

Well, today on "
Crosstalk" at VCYAmerica, Dr. Paul Cameron tells us of the folly of the continual attempt to fight HIV/AIDS by education and condom distribution. If this were any other epidemic we'd be changing our strategies after 20 plus years with no results. Newsflash: "Education" and condom distribution doesn't work.

In today's "Crosstalk", he discusses the error of the Church turning its focus on fighting AIDS at the expense of the Gospel. He explains that HIV/AIDS is primarily a homosexual disease and, in fact, is increasing among the homosexual community while declining among heterosexuals.

Here is the link to the broadcast.

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