Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Progressive Nature of Jihad - Video.

To understand islam, you have to understand that jihad develops in stages... There are three.

The stages of Jihad. You decide where we are for yourself:

1. Stealth. When they are outnumbered. So they preach peace and tolerance. Victim status.

2. Defensive Jihad: When they have enough numbers to defend themselves they are called to engage in defensive jihad -- for example, against those who even present an intellectual danger to Islam. Begin to use terrorism. Boston marathon? "Workplace violence" on military bases.

3. Offensive Jihad. In majority. Commanded to fight non-muslims just because they are non-muslims. Violently subjugate all non-muslims.

And no, I'm not the Tim Brown named in the article ;-) !

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