Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here's an Update

Thanks for stopping by...and happy new year!

Yes, the blog has been slow. The past twelve months have been tough ones, mostly multiple health reasons...and I've been spending more time on Facebook. But things are getting better and I expect to spend more time here this year.

I have, of late, been doing some study in eschatology, for a couple of reasons such as firming up where I am and understanding other views better. It is all too easy to have a casual position and not a conviction. Then life happens and you find it necessary to clarify things.

My wife and I have spent considerable time looking for a church. We are currently attending one and with the exception of some (eschatological) differences, it appears to be fairly good although I am not-so-secretly wondering when "the other shoe" will drop. Until then, we will seek to love the bretheren and grow in Christ. Things like this help us learn patience.

Currently, I'm reading "Future Israel" by Horner, and I have another book on the way. Perhaps I could use posting chapter summaries as an excuse to keep things more active here.

So, again, thanks for visiting here. I know the crickets have been very audible for a long time here at the 'fly. Thanks for your patience and I hope you understand.

Blessings to you.