Thursday, December 21, 2006

Are You Part of The Majority or the Remnant?

Those of us who have, in one way or another, been trying to sound the alarm regarding compromise in the church have been facing a spiritual "slog". Of course, Jesus never promised things would be easy.

Many of us have been pushed out of churches for not "going along to get along", deciding instead to stand for what God has clearly said, rather than hear the world's oldest lie: "Has God Really Said...".

If you have found yourself fighting for a return to the simple faith of "read it, believe it and DO it", please read this and be encouraged.

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Anonymous said...

I attended Urbana 2006 and was grieved and alarmed at the shallowness and lack of scriptural authority that Plenary speaker Rick Warren demonstrated to 22,000 plus College students on the subject of calling. There were two disturbing elements that should be noted: He called this generation to a reformation in missions. This belies his philosophy in his Aids/Africa initiative. Like Bruce Wilkerson who aborted and took down many with him...Rick is headed toward an arrogant insular approach that will surely short circuit because of a lack of wisdom, humility and partnership. The second disturbing assertion is that "we find our significanjce in calling "which can be attained by "W" a three fingered sign for this generation meaning Whatever, whenever and wherever. This major address was a rehash of his book lacking scriptural foundation, unction or gravitas... Many of us were angry and saddened as he squandered the opportunity of a lifetime to proclaim and prophesy the might and majesty of God to the emerging generation