Friday, December 15, 2006

The Odd Couple -- Or Not?
Rick Warren and Rupert Murdoch

Wow. That's all I've been able to say since I found this stuff tonight. Wow.

And I've passed the info onto a friend of mine who is fighting "PDL" at his church. Now we'll find out just how dedictated to Warren these people are.

Here are some facts.

1. In this article on his own website, Rick Warren states that he is Rupert Murdoch's pastor. Search the page for "rupert". It's there.

2. In the same paragraph, he states that Murdoch even published his book(s) for him.

3. Rupert Murdoch (for those who don't know) is a pornographer.

4. Zondervan is owned by Murdoch (look under the subheading of "Marketing Tactics")

As I've said to others, this is not "hearsay". This stuff didn't come from a website like "Uncle Eddies Pitstop on the Dock on the Mississippi" or something like that.

So, to those who really, really think that Warren is a "good guy" or a "good pastor", I say "It's time to use some discernment".

Does this touch someone's bubble? I sincerely hope so.


Mike said...

Mr Murdoch also owns the Sun newspaper. This is a British newspaper that has a topless woman on Page 3 every day.

Rod France said...

If Rick has any influence at all on this guy why is his Fox station so raunchy?