Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pastors or Human Potential Advocates?

Here's a pop quiz on discernment!

Apprising Ministries has a revealing post which compares PDL/Seeker with contemporary new age marketing techniques. Think you can tell the difference? Give it a try!

The tragedy of this is that the SBC pastor represented in this article is Erwin McManus who “' with Bethel Theological Seminary as a futurist and distinguished professor.' Futurist and cultural architect Erwin McManus is actually involved with a number of other projects as well such as Origins, Awaken Humanity, The International Mentoring Network, founded by his brother Alex McManus and yelo, an awakening of the human spirit to name a few."

Sad. I'm a member of a BGC church. Bethel Seminary is BGC.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly you are right. Going to church some days can seem like a marketing seminar. About six months ago I listened to a Pastor preach on Steven Covey's, "Seven Habits" book.
Yep it was most depressing and took me two weeks to get over it.