Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oversimplifying the Music Issue

Don't get me wrong. I love the hymns. I play trumpet and won't play much of anything but hymns which is part of the reason I was driven from my old church.

But I think the issue doesn't have to be one of either "Hymns" or "CCM".

Here's an example of something that really ministers to me. Hopefully to you as well. You can download a number of files there. In my opinion, they are very well done. If someone really loves the Word, I can't see how they wouldn't be ministered to by this.

Just scanning around the net, I found this as well.

Anyone aware of anything else out there? Personally, I am so tired of the shallow lyrics in CCM. But up till recently, all we've had is Moody Radio Network, which is (sadly) getting more and more contemporary.

Let me know what you think!


Rick Frueh said...

I good site. The reason there isn't much out there is because the Bible is silent about music style. Only content can be addressed, style is all opinion. Even a causual observer would see the metamorphosis concerning style over the centuries. And the entire argument is useless and seems to paint some as demanding their own "worship style" as well as everything else. Man looks on the outside, God ponders the heart. I played the trumpet for 8 years as well as piano. All for Him since 1975!

Anonymous said...

Tim, I thought I had posted this (or something similar) a couple of nights ago but it never appeared so I must have messed up.

Anyway, I listened to the Amazing Love recording and thought it was good. I used to play trumpet starting in 3rd grade through my junior year in high school. One of my favorite trumpet (or cornet) players was James Burke. I spent hours as a 7th grader listening to him on an album titled "The Burke-Phillips All Star Concert Band" and recently, I found a web page of MP3s with some of his work. Listen to Hocus Polka on this page ( for some great example of his superior ability. This same recording was on that old vinyl album I listened to long ago.

I'm probably not introducing you to anyone new, Tim, but thought I'd share it with anyone else that's interested ... maybe ptl rick.