Friday, September 29, 2006

Here I go again...

...ordering a book. Actually, I didn't just order a book. I ordered two copies of the same book (and I don't even know how many pages it has yet!). No, not because I might want to read it twice but because of how good I've heard it is. The other copy will go to a friend of mine who is a deacon at my old church. Maybe it'll help. He's basically fighting a one-man battle against "Purpose Driven" at his church.

The title is "Above All Earthly Powr's" by David F. Wells. You can read about it here. I found out about it here. Look for an article entitled "More nuthin'" by Frank Turk.

My plan is to read a chapter every day or so and post what I get out of it here. No, don't click on "here". I mean here at my blog.

This won't just be for informational purposes, it's a practical measure. Accountability. You see, I've got tons of books that I've bought with book marks in them...maybe 1/3 the way through. I get started on them then something comes up and interrupts me and I stall out. Too bad it's not an audio book. I'm better with those.

You can pay $25 for the hardback (I think that's what it costs) or if you are cheap like me (well, may I say "frugal"?) you can get the paperback version for a little over $10. Hence you can get two for one and spread the joy.

If anyone has read this book, post a comment as a review. Be specific!

Maybe you'll save me some reading.... :)

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