Monday, June 02, 2008

Psalm 2: The Ultimate Perspective

For those of us who tend to focus a bit much on how he world is going:

Psalm 2

The Reign of the LORD'S Anointed.
    1Why are (A)the nations in an uproar
         And the peoples (B)devising a vain thing? 
    2The (C)kings of the earth take their stand
         And the rulers take counsel together
         (D)Against the LORD and against His [a](E)Anointed, saying, 
    3"Let us (F)tear their fetters apart
         And cast away their cords from us!" 
    4He who [b]sits in the heavens (G)laughs,
         The Lord (H)scoffs at them. 
    5Then He will speak to them in His (I)anger
         And (J)terrify them in His fury, saying, 
    6"But as for Me, I have installed (K)My King
         Upon Zion, (L)My holy mountain." 
    7"I will surely tell of the decree of the LORD:
         He said to Me, 'You are (M)My Son,
         Today I have begotten You. 
    8'Ask of Me, and (N)I will surely give (O)the nations as Your inheritance,
         And the very (P)ends of the earth as Your possession. 
    9'You shall [c](Q)break them with a rod of iron,
         You shall (R)shatter them like earthenware.'" 
    10Now therefore, O kings, (S)show discernment;
         Take warning, O [d]judges of the earth. 
    11Worship the LORD with (T)reverence
         And rejoice with (U)trembling. 
    12Do homage to (V)the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way,
         For (W)His wrath may [e]soon be kindled 
         How blessed are all who (X)take refuge in Him!

If there was ever a time when the world was throwing off all form of restraint, it is now! Oh, it's happened before, there is nothing new under the sun. But we do live in a day when any vestige of morality is being cast off. The world sees God's loving law as a restraint! Oh, they don't want to be victims of theft, assaulted by someone or lied to (among other things) but they don't want to hear that in God's Ten Commandments. And say that God has set up boundaries for sexuality? Wow! That's downright hateful and bigoted -- regardless of the fact that God gave us rules for sexuality to protect us from the very diseases that we are contracting and trying to find a way to avoid. . .even as they practice the very things that cause them! 

While I was never through the A.A. program, I understand they have a saying: "The definition of stupidity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results". That is correct!

As believers, we know that God has given us the rules he has given us to protect us, not harm us. To keep trouble in our lives to a minimum on this fallen planet, not to make us miserable.

But the world doesn't get it. So they "devise vain things". They make their plans to usurp God's place. They say "We don't want to be told or reminded that there is a God to answer to. We don't want to be limited by the values of such a narrow God!" 

Be reminded and sure that they are "blind guides leading the blind". Tragically, they lead others over the cliff into an eternal hell.

It's easy to become focused on trying to fix what is going on here. But that isn't what we are called to do. We aren't here to put bandages on societal problems. We are here to show forth God's glory as He lives through us. Yes, we are here to help those in need. Read James. It's part of what is called "saving faith". And if you can't show me your faith by what you do, then I have every right to question your claim. According to Hebrews 11:1, there will be some substance to faith that is real; "Faith is the substance of things hoped for. . ." Saving faith is something you can see outwardly. It's not just talk. But what I speak of here is  a preoccupation with fighting against the downward social trends.

We end up getting our focus off the Character of God. We shift to the hand-wringing of "what in the world can I do to fix this?". Let me be blunt -- it isn't up to us. We try to change things through the wrong methods. We get our focus off God, and then we stop proclaiming the Gospel, which is the very thing that God gave us so that hearts can be transformed and the world changed. 

Yup, they want to break what they perceive as a yoke of bondage. But all the while, we faithfully proclaim the Gospel. In the end, for those who don't repent, God will "shatter them like earthenware". He will be vindicated, in His own time, through the exaltation of Jesus, His Son, whom He has appointed ruler of all things. 

Remember that justice seemingly delayed is not justice denied. God is being merciful. He is giving everyone the ample opportunity to repent. But God will rule. He will reverse all the wrongs we see going on around us. 

And God will, in the end, be glorified in all of it.