Sunday, June 22, 2008

One For The Road

As I write this, my wife and I are out on a road trip. We left home Friday to visit some relatives in Missouri. We've been to see part of my family near Jefferson City and are presently in Bethany, where one of my wife's relatives was married.

I hate "hibye" trips. Don't get me wrong, they are better than not seeing family at all but I hate "hibye" trips. We got to Jeff City at 7pm or so on Friday and left at 1pm Saturday so we could be here on time for the weddng. Hibyes. I don't like them. You're barely settled and calmed down enough to visit and you have to leave. And the last time we were here was 11 years ago. Time flies.

And I wanted to get my ozark accent back. I youstacould talk rayt. . .but that therapy will have to wait for another trip.

In any case, my cousin, wife and I were able to go out and spread the Gospel. Nothing major, mind you. No street preaching. But we did go out to breakfast yesterday morning and we gave out some tracts. As things have been in my life lately, I've not been as active as I was maybe a year ago. But having done what we did do, it was a reminder of how simple it is to spread the gospel. It's a simple matter of grabbing yourself by the scruff of the neck and diving in.

And people never seem to mind the tracts we give out. You can get some like ours at They are never thrown out (although in the last four years I think I've seen one torn up. . .but with the pieces left on a table arranged in readable order!).

We gave a drive thru worker a million dollar bill tract. He really enjoyed it. And he grabbed the small stack we offered him so he could give them to his friends. And who knows what may result from the seeds that were planted? And we are called to sow seeds.

So if you are like me, caught in a slump, grab yourself by the scruff of the neck and take the first step toward obeying the Great Commission. Proclaim the gospel. The days are getting dark. The time may be coming soon when evangelism will be risky in our country. Not that the risk matters. But if we won't do it when it is easy, what makes us think we'll do it when it becomes dangerous?

Just one for the road.