Friday, June 27, 2008

Lots of Things Going On

The past 8 weeks or so have been very trying. Seems like so many things are just falling apart but I'm sure that the Lord will show Himself faithful.

No, it doesn't have anything to do with the state of our country although that can be depressing. The Lord, I am convinced, isn't bothered by the issue of our country standing or falling. He is sovereign and the things that are going on are part of his plan. So be it.

There are many things, "large" and "small" that have kind of been a steady drip.
A neice of mine has cervical cancer. She will be doing chemotherapy to try to beat it. Haven't heard anything in a while. I won't go into the details here but maybe the Lord will use this to break her down. She has been a very proud person most of her 40 years. Right now, her lifestyle is much like mine was before I bottomed out 10 years ago prior to my conversion. No, she doesn't profess to be a Christian.

My work is going to become interesting very quickly, to say the least. I do private in home care for an elderly lady. She has had two grandaughters and myself taking care of her. Come Monday, one will be moving a couple hundred miles from here. And the other has a full time job. We aren't sure how we're going to juggle this -- and that doesn't even take into account those out of control variables such as "what if one of us gets sick"? I've been doing this work for a year in late September. I love my work -- it is very rewarding and it does pay relatively well. But this could get very tiring beginning next week. Lots of back and forth trips and even when you aren't there, your cell phone is a call light. So when you're "off" you're not really "off". Needless to say, both the remaining grandaughter and I are going "How're we going to handle this???" Even the lady I take care of is wondering how we'll deal with this. Well, we'll all find out.

Found out we have a hole in our roof. We're making arrangements to get a new roof put on.

And there are other things. Smaller stuff. You'd laugh if I mentioned it, and some of it is being resolved so I won't include it here.

Sometimes, life gets plain messy.

I'm thankful for a church family that I can trust and share my problems with. I am thankful that I have a pastor that, however imperfectly, tries to preach the Word. He also stresses evangelism. So I'll try to focus on those things.