Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Stupid Things I See

Granted, this is just supposed to be a game, but  isn't evolution supposed to be unguided? Completely Random? 

Wow. Seems to me the guy who wrote this software wasn't really thinking about the implications of what he produced!

Let's forget all the game author's "just so" assumptions about the origins of life and that you even have "stuff" to work with. When you say you are to "guide" the evolutionary process, doesn't that imply (A) that you know where it was going (uh, random?) and (B) what needs to be done to get it where you want it (as opposed to where it was going, which was. . .???), which (C) implies you know better (. . .and maybe it was headed somewhere better than what you have in mind?)

Then, of course, is the concept of something outside, controlling the process, which  is contrary to atheistic evolution. But I'll allow for the unlikely possibility that the game writer believes in theistic evolution.

No, I didn't download it. But I thought it worthy of a post here. Now, if he could write a game where you create everything out of absolutely nothing (where did his trees and dirt come from?) maybe I'd be more impressed.

Wow. The arrogance and inconsistency of man.

I'll stick with God's Word, thank you.