Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Do Righteousness and Trust in the Lord

It was only two days ago that I posted on Psalm 2. As it turns out, it was more timely than I had originally thought. Funny how things work out.

Yesterday, and again today, I received another email from Christian Worldview Network. Both had references to the same article, which is linked to here, namely the account of how the seeds of our country's present decadence can be traced back to 1933 and the arrival of the Frankfurt School of leaders. That would have been during the "watch" of my grandparent's generation. From the report linked to here, the purpose of these people was to ultimately cause the demise of the American way of life and the destruction of Christianity.

Well, I have news for these people. Not just for those who came here to do this, but also those who would align themselves with this in our time. That is this: Countries come and countries go. But what God starts, He finishes. God's Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom and His Body will also endure forever. 

See, that's the whole problem with how the world system works. It's all about what you can see, feel, hear and touch. 

It was 30 or so years ago that a group called "Seals and Crofts" had a song out there named "King of Nothing".  It was about wishing for something and ending up with nothing. And the same can be said of those who are striving to run this world's system. Not that they won't end up in control, we know they will. Our Lord has given us His Word on that. But given the fact that this life is a vapor, what does that amount to? "You can have all this world, give me Jesus!".

The world will  indeed spiral downward, even as worldlings and those who rule them seek a worldly utopia. It will lead to the darkest time this world has ever seen. But that won't be the final chapter. The final chapter will begin with the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then the game will be over and all the earthly tyrants will know it. All the earthly security that the lost will have put their trust in will turn out to be a rope of sand. 

So what's the answer? What do we do? Turn to Psalm 4, verse 5. "Offer the sacrifices of righteousness and trust in the LORD."

You say "That's it?". What else do we need? What else did Israel need when they crossed the Jordan to enter the land that was theirs? It was only theirs to obey God, do what was right and trust the character of the One Who promised what He promised. 

And the Psalmist wasn't unfamiliar with things such as we face. People then were essentially the same as they are now: "{How long} will you love what is worthless and aim at deception?"

Sound familiar? We are surrounded by a world system that thrives on loving things that are worthless and building empires on deception. And of course, destroying them through deception, such as was the plan of those from the Frankfurt School in 1933.

But as those from the Frankfurt School now know (having passed from this life), they had nothing. They were trusting vapors, not substance. 

Our security is in the Lord. Not in His promises (as precious as they are) but in the Lord, because the promises that one makes are only as good as the character of the one making them. Psalm 20 says "Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses. But we trust in the name of the Lord our God".

Yes, this country will inevitably pass. All countries do. But the Kingdom of our God is an everlasting Kingdom. And  the redeemed are eternally safe in His hands (John 10).