Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paul Washer: Jesus Christ Is Not a Yuppie's Accessory

This is a great video and can be very convicting, as much of Paul's preaching is. As highly as I view evangelism, I am reminded that our first priority is not evangelism. Our first priority is the pursuit of God. 

Do you have a heart that seeks after God before all else? Or do you seek to "do" for God first. Yes, we've been called to obey Him but cold obedience to task-oriented religion is not Christianity. Do you have a passion to know God? 

It can be  easy to fall into a trap where we seek to "convince the lost" of their need for Christ and all the while merely be wishing to win an argument. Another notch on the belt. Yet our first priority is not "winning the lost" as important as that is, but our relationship with Him. 

Yes, contemporary evangelism is weak and errant. Yes, we spend too little time reaching out with the Gospel to those who need it. But how often do we substitute routine for relationship with God. . .or even worse, use evangelistic activities to obscure a starved relationship? 

Paul's point is that a real Christian will have a passion for God. He argues that love is not just "a verb". It involves the emotion. Yes, if you love someone, the actions will show but it's not just performance based religion. 

So,  I pose the question to you. How high a priority is your passion for the pursuit of God?