Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Does E.R. Ask That Many "Christians" Don't Want To Answer?

Here's a video that has been out there a while but I think fits here even better in view of my previous post on "Why Emergent is Receding", although this applies to "Seeker Sensitive" and "PDL" as well.

Seems some writers for E.R. get it much more clearly than many "Christians":

Anyone care to ask this man what his "Felt Needs" are?
Maybe tell him about his "Purpose"?
Take a few months to become "buds"?

Didn't think so.


reformedlawless said...


I heard this for the first time on Way of the Master but did not know about the video until yesterday. Its very powerful and very revealing. It nails postmodern evangelism and nails the right questions. God's word and only God's word has the answers. Thanks for posting. This needs to be seen by as many people as possible.


beaconlight said...

I saw this yesterday and frankly, it blew me away. I emailed the link to a friend, asking the question, 'How is it that Hollywood can plainly see what the church refuses to see?' When the world has better discernment than the church-at-large, we need to corporately fall to our knees and repent for our lukewarmness and seek God's face.

Brandon L.