Friday, February 01, 2008

Rick Warren: More Purpose Driven Lies

Watch this short video through once, and if it doesn't bother you, shut your eyes, listen and think "What if this were a Buddhist or someone from another world religion or cult?" Is what you hear Biblically true?

The video is from the 2006 TED Talks, where you can view Warren's spew in its entireity as well as read various interesting comments from unbelievers about Warren.

If Rick is right, then maybe these people are just "fulfilling their purpose"...Maybe?
(Can't you just see God smiling?)

After you've watched the above, here's my response...


beaconlight said...

Nice response!
Warren's message is the gospel of purpose. Don't seek God's forgiveness through the blood of Jesus, just discover your purpose. Don't despair of your own works and trust in the finished work of Christ, just do what God has wired you to do. He is pleased when we are just who we are on and on ad nauseum. I am perpetually amazed that people still buy into his message.

Princess Petunia said...