Thursday, February 21, 2008

"If Grace Is True": Hear the hiss
Part 2

Carla over at "More Books and Things" was gracious enough to post a link to my overview of the heresy of "If Grace Is True". You might be interested in some of the other books she lists by these same two Quakers, at least one of which she found in a "Christian" bookstore. She also includes a link to one of the author's sites which details his beliefs. Consider it a heads-up.

Again, listen for the hiss!

And Carla? Thanks for the post. So here's my post which points to your post which points to my post.


carla said...

Hey Tim, thanks for the post which points to my post which points to your post which gave me the heads up for my post. :)

Tim Brown said...

Comment duly posted.

Tim Brown said...

Want that notarized as well?