Friday, February 08, 2008

It’s Time to Re-Imagine What Has Been Re-imagined

Just found this over at Christian Research Network. Let it put a smile on your face as it did mine...

"1 Corinthians 2:1-2 – And I, when I came to you, brothers, did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom. 2 For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified."


reformedlawless said...


I needed that. Big smile here.



pastorbrianculver said...

Praise God for a church that saw the LIGHT!

Tim Brown said...

Glad I could supply something to warm your weary heart! I know how you feel...

Oh! Forgot to mention, I'll get your tracts out shortly. Karen (RoseandTea)won, but she opted out of taking the prize because shipping would be prohibitive (The UK).

So, lucky you, you get not 50, no..., not 100, noooo, but 150 you collect both the main and runner up prizes...!

Again, I'll drag my hind end out no later than Monday to get them mailed to you.

Tim Brown said...

Brain? Bob? Hey, seems we have a problem here.

We've got a troll "friend" who submitted a comment under a second blogger ID. Brian, you know him. From S.E. Missouri, about 40 miles north of Cape...?

Seems he's concerned about my being deceptive!

Here's what he said:

"Funny, Tim . . .

Church Sign Generator has that very sign available for you to insert whatever you want. Could that be perceived as being deceitful? Hmmmmm.......That's the same thing as lying, isn't it? Hmmmmm........"

Well, when I posted this, the title seemed pretty clear; we are "REIMAGINING (HINT) THE REIMAGINED". (reIMAGINING? Get it?)

Seems our little troll friend didn't get it. He seems to think I have been deceptive.

Bill, looks like you understood it ok, so we'll take it your comprehension skills are up to par.

Brian? I'm not so convinced about you, but that's ok. I'll skip the 40 lashes and save them in case you deserve them again later. Tell you what, buy me a coke and we're even, ok? In any case, I'll keep your reading skills in my prayers. I'm sure you appreciate that. And you know I'm kidding you anyway.

So I guess my only crime was against you, Brian, for not setting you straight. Maybe I owe you a coke...? We'll discuss it. Maybe we'll buy each other a coke. But you really need to stop the nail biting, ok?

Anyway, I just wanted to set the record straight so our troll friend's conscience wouldn't bother him about this. Ok. Good.

Now, to our little troll friend who just happened to set up his (second? Third? how many?) blogger account recently:

What you are doing is silly. Perhaps you don't understand that a blog can be set up to track who comes and goes. They can and this one does, as does Brian's blog. You came here shortly after visiting his site. You submitted your little accusation under a second blogger name because you know your "regular" name is no good here. But your system leaves fingerprints. IP addresses, system configuration, operating system and town name. You were here earlier tonight as well.

Your comments are worded the same. People have a way of communicating. You didn't fool me, you aren't fooling Brian and you're not fooling Someone infinitely more important; God.

You have a serious problem. More serious than our tracking software. It's called God. God knows the darkness of your heart. He sees what you do. He knows the strife you are trying to stir up. He knows your heart. While we can only see the rotten fruit, He sees the darkness of your heart.

You submitted your accusing comment under an assumed name, an alias. That is deceptive. It was intentionally deceptive. If you tell a lie, a deception, what does that make you? This was no mistake, you did it intentionally.

Quit being a tool of Satan and repent! Stop spending your time working overtime trying to find something that isn't there! Even more importantly, start considering the real issues that you will have to one day face; Sin, Righteousness and Judgment. because if you don't, your sin will fall under the righteousness of a Holy God and you will be judged for your sins and will spend an eternity in hell.

We don't want that for you. we want to see you turn to Christ, trust in Him as you would a parachute!

The first words Jesus spoke in His public ministry was "Repent"! Check Matthew 4:17, you've denied it in the past, but it's there! Jesus says you are to repent!

By your behavior you betray what you really are. Come out of the dark corners, my friend and Jesus can save you!

pastorbrianculver said...

he wouldn't be deceptive, would he???? oh wait, maybe he would since "repent" is just a "notion" in the bible. And since he says the Bible has errors then I guess that leaves him an "out." As in out of heaven unless he repents!

pastorbrianculver said...

did you notice who left a comment on his "what' site. Our friend DP from the UK! isn't that amazing and coincidental. The serpent was a crafty creature wasn't he?

Tim Brown said...

No, No, No Brian. "That's too simple. Way too simple."

Yes, I figured as much although I didn't do anything past read the profile link in the comment he submitted. We had an old friend from Wooster Ohio show up right after this guy, so I guess the circle is unbroken. Then our other friend from Leeds was here too a while ago but he just scanned the main blog page.

Oh! I see he's back at my blog! let's see what he does...

Tim Brown said...

Nah! Didn't come here. He clicked on the article on
Trusting your senses. That's ok though because I posted that with people like him in mind. Good!

"Nator", "What?" and whatever else you go by, can you see how silly you are making yourself look?

The devil wants to use you for His own purposes, in part to create strife through deception. He doesn't care how silly he makes you look.

Did the devil die for your sin? No! You owe him nothing! But Jesus DID die for your sin and you owe Him EVERYTHING! So admit your sin to God. Admit you are a bad tree bearing bad fruit!

Repent! Put your trust in Christ!

reformedlawless said...

I want to make it clear that in my earlier response that I was not
implying that I did not believe the sign. On the contrary, the
response on the sign is exactly the correct response to a church
leaving PDL or PDC. It is also the correct response to the need of a
life that does not know Christ.

The PDL and PDC promote self worship or man centered worship. The PDL
and PDC churches that I have been a part of are exactly that. They
desire to entertain and provide services to the community that the
community feels it needs. That is why so many of these churches are
about doing and not about being. They have it all wrong. Christianity
is not about doing things it's about who we are in Christ. We study
the bible to know who we are to be in Christ, the natural outcome of
knowing who we are in Christ is doing correctly.

The response on the church sign is absolutely correct. When our
worship turns from Christ towards us, man centered worship, then we
must repent and turn towards God which is where our worship should be
focused. Its not about me or you, it's about God and God alone. It
makes me smile because it would seem that God is doing a work in that

Now to make this a bit more personal. Repentance is something that you
will not here in most PDC/L, seeker, emergent churches yet it is
absolutely necessary for salvation. Jesus said "but unless you repent
you will all likewise perish". There are two parts to repentance. The
first is a turning away from sin and the second is a turning towards
God in Christ Jesus. We are all sinners, we are totally depraved and
deserving of eternal destruction and in desperate need of a savior.
Take a moment and take an honest look at your own life and how it
stands up against the Ten Commandments. It becomes very obvious that
we must repent and place our trust in the one, the only one who has
the power to save and that is Jesus Christ.

Regardles if the sign is real or a fake the sign is spot on and I pray that we see many more like it
as God begins to open eyes to the PDL and PDC deception.


Tim Brown said...

Hi Bill:

Yes, I agree with you. But I wouldn't expect it any time soon. Once you go PDL, you end up with a church full of tares. And if you then recognize how wrong it is you are in a position where going back may end up with everyone leaving.

As you know, the Devil sets his traps very slyly.

reformedlawless said...


I agree it can certainly get a strong hold. As a result many of these so called churches have become very worldly. Which is why they attract so many people. We have a very large church here where I live that plays U2, Doobie Brothers, Nickleback music in order to make people feel comfortable being there. So many will wake up to their eternal shock, "Depart from Me I never knew you".

We got to keep preaching the word, the true Gospel, the gospel that Jesus preached.

God Bless Bro,