Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If Grace is True: Hear the hiss

If you ever wanted to know what the hiss of Satan sounds like, all you have to do is look at the cover of this apostate book for an example.

Ok, so you may ask "what brought this on"? Well, we've had some visitors here that would promote this book. It's been out for four years that I am aware of, but it was news to these guys. And they have bought the lie even though it started right on the front cover.

As soon as I read the "review" quoted from Christianity Today, I knew something was up. As it turns out, I was right. Either CT had gone further 'round the bend or the cover was wrong.

See, this book is one of Satan's attempts to say "Jesus didn't die for our sin", "Everyone ends up in heaven in the end", and all manner of deception. In short, it makes wonderful material to start a fire to warm one's self on a cold winter's day. Other than that. . ..

Anyway, you don't even need to open the book to catch a lie, even if masked as a half truth. If you click on the picture, you will be able to read the "quote" from CT. If you will, notice the arrow points to a period at the end of the "quote". If you don't care to do so, I will quote what it says here:

"Gulley and Mulholland have done what many evangelicals and orthodox Christians more generally have failed to do: they have honestly faced the church's traditional doctrines of salvation and eternal justice." Period.

Sounds rather authoritative and scholarly, doesn't it? Sure! Sounds objective as well doesn't it? Absolutely!

Hold it a second. That's a period at the end of that though! Perhaps one would be wise to read the actual review from Christianity Today, wouldn't ya think? I'd hope so.

Well, if you click here, you'll get to the (rather milquetoast) review. In fact, you'll link to the second of two pages. Look for this at the beginning of the second paragraph:

"But [a connective which means something to the contrary was left out on the front of the book...tb] Gulley and Mulholland have done what many evangelicals and orthodox Christians more generally have failed to do: they have honestly faced the church's traditional doctrines of salvation and eternal justice, even if only to reject them." (Emphasis and italics mine)

Hold it! They replaced a comma with a period! And thus, they have distorted the review and made their theological poison more appealing by leaving off the words that would reveal the snare: "...even if only to reject them." (the traditional doctrines of salvation and eternal justice). And, as I've already embedded as a comment in the quote from the review, they blew off the word "but" which connects it to anything contrary to what they quoted. How convenient! This is the very definition of taking something out of context!

So, the net result is that the perspective reader/buyer is led to think that this book represents something objective and (implied) uniquely correct -- namely the thesis that God will save every person, and that CT concurs!

Did the authors know about this? How could they not? And the editors certainly did! But, don't ya know my silly ones. . .if you come out in the open and admit what you are teaching up front, you can't sucker 'em in!

Then of course, one must also wonder if Christianity Today had a problem with the selective quote of their review. . .

The book is rife with heresy. It is written by two Quaker pastors who want to teach, and have us accept, universalism. The CT today review, although anemic at best, at least admits that "two pastors make a case for universalism, and end up trivializing human freedom" and call it "a distorted predestination". See, according to these guys, you don't even have the freedom to refuse to go to heaven! Jesus said that "The gate is narrow and few will find it. . ." where these guys would say "The gate is so wide, you can't miss it even if you want to"! If these guys were to be right, it would mean that your local crooked judge would stand to be more just than God Himself! This is blasphemy!

The authors of the book were interviewed by a magazine which is online. I won't publish the link here because it is to a homosexual "magazine". Frankly, I don't care to provide easy access to that grade of material. However, if you really want to know what the link is, I will provide it to you via email. Just submit a comment to this post asking for it. It touts itself as "a magazine for GLBT Christians", which is an oxymoron. Be warned. I just happened to run across the article while I was doing research on the authors.

In the interview, Gulley states that "Jesus didn't die for our sins". Ok, Gulley, who did then? Mulholland states that "[the Church] did quite well" without a Bible for 300 years, even though the Church did have the scriptures from the beginning. . .they just weren't "ratified" as "the Bible" yet. That is a lie on the part of the magazine which was "confirmed" by co-author.

Hear the hiss?

The fact that Gulley and Mulholland are so far off is no surprise. Quakerism is into mysticism, experience and feelings over against objective truth. Feel a quiver in your liver? That's the Spirit of God!. . .or so they would have you believe. But how do you know? Answer: You don't. I can't stress this enough...There is no experience or feeling that is self-authenticating! All we have is God's Word to lean on.

No. I won't buy the lie. But apparently many (at least some who would comment on this site) are caught up in this. . . hook, line and sinker.

The only question I have is for Christianity Astray . . . sorry, Christianity Today, which would be "If a glbt oriented magazine can reveal what these guys do to substitutionary atonement and the character of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, why can't you?"

Which makes me wonder. Maybe this hiss-revealer was really a "two-fer"?

Gee, ya think?

I'm inclined to think so.

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