Thursday, November 23, 2006

How to Identify a Good Pastor

Do you think you know how to identify, or even pick, a good pastor? Think it's about how many people he can visit in a week? How happy he can make you? The answer may surprise you.

I just found this at Here's their description:

Today's evangelical pastors often look and sound alike. Their sermons are witty, full of stories, and they tend to quote bible verses and expand upon them with their own personal ideas and philosophies. Think of this short audio clip as a "shopping guide", for those who are looking for a church, or for anyone who simply wants to evaluate their own pastor to see how he measures up. Following the wrong teaching has the potential to shipwreck your faith, so it's vital to know the right criteria to judge your pastor by. This 16 minute audio clip is from the "Who's Teaching You?" program of the CrossTV video series called A Workman Approved By God. The audio asks and answers the question, "what is the most important criteria for choosing a pastor?". Using sermon samples (some of them are quite shocking) from nationally known religious leaders, the aim is to contrast true bible teachers from counterfeit pulpit-philosophers. What should you be careful of, in evaluating a church or ministry according to the size of it's audience, or by the number of "decisions for Christ" it claims.

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