Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Final Comment on the Rickcapades

Because I'm just plain getting nauseated by the "Rickcapades", this will be my final post on Warrenism, at least for the time being. But let the following by commenter Michael Banak at "Slice of Laodicea" serve to put a laugh in our hearts by revealing the farce we've been covering as it really is:

From: Paul the Apostate
To: All Christians in and around Laodicea

Notice: Guest Appearnces at our Campus:

We are honored to have Herod visiting us direct from Jerusalem. He will be presenting a talk on, "Building Things Together - Unity Through Shared Purposes." He will be explaining how he acheived peace in The Holy Land through brick-and-mortar projects, while keeping Rome off his back and the Jews under control. He will also be giving us his unique interpretation of the events surrounding the incident when Christ cleared out The Temple.

You won't want to miss this experience. Hearts will be touched and lives will be changed.

Dancing entertainment will also be provided by Herodias' daughter.

Special Note: This event forces postponement for the reading of a brief letter from John. The scheduling team apologies for any inconvenience.

Thanks, Mike!


Rachel said...

Hi Tim, I am a fellow Slicer. I had to take a break awhile back so I understand. I got back into reading the Word only for awhile and have come back refreshed. I couldn't help but comment here due to you post on Slice where you mentioned Jesus coming back at the end of the Tribulation. Care to expound on this?? Rachel (sorry I don't have my own blog)

Tim Brown said...

Hi Rachel:

My comment was basically very dry humor. My suspicion is that this stuff will continue on past the rapture, through the tribulation and end when the Lord returns visibly to Earth at the Mount of Olives.

When Jesus returns at that time, he will put an end to all ov it. And I suspect that to happen sooner than we think.

Rachel said...

Thanks Tim. I think this will go on until the midpoint during the seven years, when the anti-christ is actually revealed. Then everyone will know for sure who is the anti-christ and the false prophet. I'm a post/mid tribber. Can you be a post/mid tribber?! Ha. I guess I would say, I believe the rapture happens more toward the very, very end of the tribulation. It's nice to see other people out there who want to adhere to scripture only. I enjoy your posts. Rachel

Amy said...

Thank you for being willing to stand up and speak out against all the apostasy we see in the church today. Rick Warren's latest fiascos should be an eye opener to many who are following the purpose driven pied piper.

(I added a link to your blog on the sidebar of mine, hope that was okay)