Wednesday, July 02, 2008

None of the Above?

People have been asking me the typical election-year question: "Who are you going to vote for?" And I've noticed that it's caused me to think more deeply about my response.

I've always voted. I remember my first time voting back in 1972. I was proud to be involved in the political process. And, for the most part, I've always been proud to do so. And, no surprise, I've always voted conservative, although at times I've either desired to vote independent or actually did.

As an American, it is my duty to vote. It is not something I do lightly or take lightly.

But this year, it's all changed. I'm not sure what I'll do. No, it's not whether I'm for Obama or McCain. Obama's ties to the Communist Party USA pale in comparison to the things God is more concerned with such as the killing of the unborn and even those who survive botched abortions (Obama voted against the Born Alive Protection Act).

And I think that's why I may not be voting this year. It's all about the unborn. Sure, from my understanding, both candidates are globalists and as such would erase our borders. And both have bought into the "global warming" myth. McCain agressively so.

But those things don't bother me so much.

See, I'm not just an "American", I'm a citizen of Heaven. I'm redeemed. And I cannot support those who are pro-abortion and pro-embryonic stem cell research (which calls for the killing of the unborn).

We serve a living King. The peons of this Earth who would call themselves our leaders will one day be judged. And we will all rightfully bow down before the Lord and proclaim that He is indeed Lord. Some prior to entering Heaven but most before being cast into Hell forever.

So I cannot and will not take part in an Earthly political process that calls me to support someone who stands for something that is contrary to God's Holy Word. Nope.

You may say "but Tim, don't you know that for evil to take over our land, all it takes is for good men to do nothing?". And I say "Don't you understand that evil has already taken over this land and that one day God will make it all right?"

This land we call America has given us much. God has blessed us with freedom. In a way, however, that freedom has been a curse. Only in America can we enjoy the false doctrine of "the carnal Christian". You know, where you can name the name of Jesus and live any way you want all the way to Hell. There has been precious little persecution in this country of ours. And maybe it's time to let things slide completely downhill so that those who unrightly claim Christ will be exposed for the phoneys they are.

You say "But if so and so gets elected, he'll take our freedoms away". And I say, I will not beg for my freedom to be paid for on the backs of the unborn through the support of so called embryonic stem cell research. I will not vote for evil that good may come of it.

You say "If you don't vote, you surrender all rights to complain" and I say to you I'm not complaining because the only One Who will make it right is the Lord Jesus Christ when he returns in all His Glory. Therefore I have no Earthly complaints. The only relevant complaints I have I take to God in prayer. No politican can deal with them. None seem to care to.

What will I do in November? I don't know. The landscape may change. But as it is, it looks like "none of the above". But come what may let each and every one of us keep our focus on the heart of God!