Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Next Million Dollars

I like good tracts. A good tract is one that grabs the person's attention and presents a clear message. And the new Million Dollar tract from Living Waters does just that.

It's more convincing, I think, than the previous one. The placing of the text (which is more obvious) takes away a little from the "believeability" of the "bill", but then the message is the point anyway.

The ones I liked best were the ones they published as early as four years ago, when I first became aware of Living Waters. But the text on them was so small and I had people complain that they were hard to read.

Can't help it, I like good graphics. But again, the message has to be readable.

In any case, people enjoy these tracts. I've passed them out to people and had them ask for more to give to their friends. I've left them laying around for people to find and I watch them pick them up, obviously read them and then keep them. And isn't that the point?

There are always those who argue against tracts. They say things like "no one was ever saved by a tract". Well, what they mean to say is "no one was ever saved via the ministry of a tract". It's the message, not the medium itself. I'd have to disagree with that, based partially on testimonies I've heard and just the mere fact that it is the message that saves, as I've already noted. It's not the person, or the lack of one. It's the message.

So, I leave you with a recommendation; Give these tracts a try!