Saturday, July 26, 2008

Global Warming, Blind Faith, and Global Delusion

From "Critical Issues Commentary":

'Some environmentalists with neo-pagan worldviews (e.g., Al Gore) have posited the "truth" of CO2-induced global warming, defined the production of CO2 as "sin" and thereby made all humans guilty of a holocaust-like assault on planet earth. Even if CO2 is doing what this group says it is, there is no way to repent of this "sin" because human beings cannot live without putting more of it into the atmosphere. Essex and McKitrick’s book (both are Canadian college professors) confirms my conclusion that the global warming scare is more religion than science. The book begins and ends with chapters about what the authors call "The Doctrine of Certainty." We shall begin by examining this "Doctrine."'

You can read the rest here. I think this issue is a very important one.