Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Acknowledging the Timely and Obvious

Found the following comment in this thread over at TeamPyro. It fits precisely with what has been going through my mind lately regarding our national election. Seems like the more things "change" the more they remain the same:

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.-George Santayana

It is interesting to note what leaders in the past have advocated change, especially during times of economic downturns, as vulnerable people find ways to maintain a footing in their lifestyle and economic status.

Just look at the history of Germany. Economic Depression, people disillusioned due to WW1, and a young charismatic man promising change.

It is also interesting how many German churches supported that young man.

Another interesting aspect is that one of the major platforms in National Socialism in Germany at that time was environmentalism. A German zoologist named Ernest Haeckel coined the term ecology in 1867. He was also one of the major voices in Germany for Darwin and the theory of evolution. In the environmental movement in Germany, which incidentally wedded naturalism and nationalism, much was blamed on the urban industrial civilization created (in their minds) by the Jewish people."

The lesson? Be careful who you vote for, you may get it.