Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What's up today...

Well, not doing alot of reading. I have an eye infection of some sort and my left eyelid is swollen. Kind of hard to focus and my eye is tearing.

So no updates on "Above All Earthly Pow'rs". Maybe I'll push a little tomorrow.


Dad has decided to come home tomorrow. It was his decision, not the doctor's. In fact, the doctor asked him if he wants to stay in the hospital and get better or go home. Dad is just so sick of being there, and I can understand that.

No, he hasn't given up. But he thinks he can get better faster at home.

The reason he has been staying in the hospital is that his legs are swollen. Fluid buildup. Again, his heart is only functioning at 25%. My guess is he'll go home and be back in a week or two. But I'm going to do something this time to try to stop that from happening. I've got a Schwinn stationary bike that I got a decade ago and haven't been using (go figure). What we're doing tonight is moving it over to my parent's house so he can use it. Most likely put it in front of his chair so he can pedal it from his chair (like a recumbant). That way he can get his exercise and strengthen his heart. Again, if we can get his heart function better, then maybe his kidneys will improve and perhaps (hopefully) he can have bypass surgery, which is the real issue.

I love my dad. Idon't want to lose him. I kind of climbed on mom earlier today because she said something about not wasting my time taking that thing over there. But it's worth it to me to give him a chance to get better. I'm not ready to give up on him.

Thanks for your prayers. I know that some of your are praying for him. Also, I need wisdom in dealing with this. I'm a control freak.


I'd like also to convey my thanks to all of you who visit here. I see this as a ministry of sorts because I don't get opportunities at church to do anything like teaching (which is what I'd like to do). I'm too new a member at my church and I'm willing to guess that as they find out that I'm not sympathetic to the Warren or Seeker/CCM issues, they will tend to overlook me for involvement in teaching. That's ok. I just want what God wants for me. My main problem is that sometimes I wonder if I'm off track somehow. But you do what you can.



Anonymous said...

Hey Tim. If you believe that you probably will never teach at your church because you are unsympathetic with purpose driven and seeker sensitive nonsense, and are wondering what you can do, might I suggest that you do some research, find biblical reasons for your convictions and present them with respect and humility to the leadership of your church, and ask if they can help you reconcile what you found with how they are "doing church". This will help you understand that you are NOT off base - maybe they are. This is what happened to me. I thought I was possibly off base, and after 2 years of research, the Lord opened my eyes to a huge unholy network that is infiltrating our churches slowly and stratigically, just as He said in the end times things would wax worse and worse and many false prophets would rise. Guess what? They're here! From the few discernment ministries I see you visit, you are on the right track. Don't doubt what the Lord shows you. If you would like more info to get started on your own quest for truth, let me know and I'll send you some stuff. Thanks for commenting on my blog entry at slice, by the way. I think we are on similar paths.... By George

Tim Brown said...

Thanks for the comment.

Actually, I've been there and done that once -- at my former church in the same conference. It did zero good. As Bob DeWaay states in his book "Redefining Christianity" once a church goes down this path, it probably won't turn back.

But I still research and do what I can. As I do this and as time passes and I see examples of new "lows" in the PDL movement, it is easier to see the contrast between PDL?Seeker and what the Scriptures teach.

As far as teaching formally at church, that would be nice, but I am not striving for it. I have a desire to teach but that doesn't mean it has to be there. If it happens, it happens. We'll see.

This latest post from last night about Jude is an example. It's something I can do and be faithful in to help others and strengthen myself in the faith.

Yes, I agree that the false prophets are already here -- hence my choice of Jude! There is so much there that applies to this day in which we live.

Blessings to you and thanks for your encouragement.

By the way, next time let us know who you are!