Saturday, December 15, 2007

Loving Dead People Back To Life

Here's an excerpt from this article at Apprising Ministries:

"The reason why secular America is now courting so-called evangelicals such as President Bush and Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren is that the Cross and sin have been surgically removed from the presentation of the false seeker sensitive non-gospel. And as such, the “Christianity” they would speak of is truly no different than the self-help rubbish spewed by Joel Osteen, who is only echoing the pathetically shallow psycho-philosophical and vain babblings of Robert Schuller.

How many of you reading this are old enough to remember having to study Schuller’s “theology” in Bible college, seminary and/or Sunday School at your local church? Then why don’t you stand up; and why don’t you begin to speak out as Schuller’s cynanide recycles from Rick Warren the new Charles Finney into the Emergent Church through Rob Bell? Some of us are crying out to those of you still on the sidelines — “Stand up for Jesus!” Do you really think this comes without a price for us?"

Here's the rest of the article...

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