Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Islamic Persecution of Christians

So, we're all happy brothers and sisters....the Muslims and Christians, huh? Well, why not? After all, we've just had a love fest between Islam and America's Pastor, Rick Warren as well as others including Bill Hybels and the President of the National Association of Evangelicals, haven't we?

I'd like a response from some of them on Islamic Persecution of Christians and just when they intend to "love us back".

Let's see. Here's some things they can work on. Click here to read about the following, they (persecution.org) have blocked linking directly to the stories via copyright. But you can read the stories through the index page as of today at least:

  • Women in Basra are being horrifically killed and dumped in the trash for "non-Islamic behavior".
  • Indonesian Christians are under increasing attacks.
  • In Egypt, Islam is increasingly targeting Christians.
  • In Canada, a muslim convert to Christianity receives a letter from his mother stating she will kill him.
  • In England, Muslim "apostates" are being threatened with their lives. One woman told her parents "You said you should kill me, but I'm still your daughter, don't you realize that?"
And that is just a short list of what is going on. A google search is quite revealing...

Again I'd ask each and every one of those falsely so-called "evangelicals" how they can sign such a document as they have and turn a blind eye to the reality of this violent, false and odious religion.

Hey, Warren? On your way to desecrating the temple in the middle of the tribulation (Christianity (thesis) + Islam (antithesis) = One World Religion (synthesis)*) , can you take a moment to give a response? I mean, after all, if you are really "America's Pastor", you can take a moment to answer a question from one of your "flock", can't you?

Oh yeah, that's right. "It's not about us" or those who suffer for the name of Christ. It's about you.

Never mind.

(*Thanks to "Studying God's Word" for this concise statement.)

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