Monday, December 03, 2007

Warren, Hybels and other
IslamoChristian Apostates, cont.

Yesterday, I posted an article on the Unity Pledge between Muslims and Christians which was signed by Rick Warren and others, and I stand unapologetically behind that post. However, I discussed one central point...a key one...but only the one central point. Listen here for Todd Friel's coverage of this blasphemous document.

Note the signers included those from Bethel Seminary, Wheaton College and others. Are you a member of a BGC church? Bethel is a part of the BGC.

Thank you, Todd, for covering this as you did.

***Note***If the above links don't work, try this one.


Paul said...

With cookies enabled, the file of Friel's message that you link to on esnips does not play and there is no way to download as MP3 for dialup users.

...unless I'm missing something obvious

Tim Brown said...

Try the second link I added. Thanks

Paul said...

Thanks Tim. The link now worked for me.

Again thank you for your bold stand on this matter.

Tim Brown said...

You're welcome. Glad to help.

My wav converter is having problems, I'll see if I can get an MP3 version available. I have an .ogg version but not sure how many people can use that format.

Tim Brown said...

Someone contacted me about the link to the document at Yale. It had apparently been moved. It works now.