Sunday, December 07, 2008

Praising God for a Wonderful Witnessing Opportunity!

It's been such a wonderful day...even though I think I'm catching the flu...!

My wife and I studied God's Word together today and had a wonderful breakfast together. Then, we went out to shop for a few things and I even was able to pass out a few "Christmas Quiz" tracts!

But the big news is that the local paper was used of God to print a tract for the form of an "opinion piece"...which will be distributed to about 40,000 readers!

I posted about this a while back.
And I've been waiting! And though this wasn't the first piece that I sent to them which contained the Gospel (and they printed) this was purely evangelistic in content. It had no other purpose than to bring up spiritual things, present the law, hopefully show the readers that they (like me) are sinners in need of a Savior and present the good news of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

I was a bit concerned on two fronts. First, that they may not print the article or, secondly, that they may edit it to shorten it. I had, after all, sent it as a "letter to the editor". But they even "promoted it" by turning it into a "guest opinion piece"!

It's my opinion also that the Lord used them to attract more attention to the "tract". The title I had submitted for this piece was "*Just* Another Christmas?"...and they retitled it "Wear Jesus Like a Parachute"...which at first didn't appeal to me. But then I thought...well, they are, after all, getting to my main point, aren't they? And, of course, that title would appear to be more of an eye catcher! And I'll accept that!

So thanks to you all who have been praying for this to pass. It isn't often that one gets the ability to share the gospel with so many with so little effort and no cost.

Praying that hearts will be convicted and souls won...!



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carla said...

Wow, that's GREAT! Congrats to you, Tim! God is good!