Thursday, December 11, 2008

And Now for the Halftime Show!

You may remember that some time back I was recording my weekly weight loss here in the left margin of my blog. Eventually, I moved it to my Facebook account where I'm fairly active.

Last July 10th, I was up to 285 pounds, which is 100 pounds over. It took a long time to get there and it's taken some time to lose some of it. And it'll be even longer before I'm down to 185, which is close to what I should be.

Anyway, it is my pleasure to announce to you that as of today I am down to 235, which represents the halfway mark of my loss goal. Here's what the process looks like in a line chart:

Well, as many of you are well aware, a football game is played on field 100 yards in length. And at halftime, you have the halftime show, right? Well, since I've reached the weight I have, I'm officially at "half time" logically we must have the halftime show. It'd only be right...!

So. Here you go. Enjoy!

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