Thursday, December 11, 2008

*Just* Another Christmas? (The Short Version)

I've been reminded that there are newspapers out there that strictly enforce word count limits on a "letter to the editor". And my original article was way past that at around 650...but I didn't know that until I sent it. That is probably why it was put in the "Guest Opinion" section...longer articles there.

Some of you are interested in getting the article in your paper but are wondering how to cut the message down to 250 words or less. A friend at Facebook contacted me about this. Here's what I wrote for them and you can use it as well. It weighs in at 243 words, according to my word processor.

Also, remember you can find papers to submit it to at :

Here we go! Another Christmas. Will it be just more empty boxes? Let's hope not, it shouldn't be. Because Christmas isn't just about “things” it's about a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He came here to die for us. Born a child, lived a perfect life. Why? Because we have all violated God's Law, the Ten Commandments! We've all lied, we've probably all stolen something at one time or matter how small...and we've all been guilty of hating someone, deserved or not. And Jesus said that hating someone reveals a murderer at heart!

Worse, the Scriptures tell us that no liar, thief or murderer will enter heaven, but be found guilty on the day of judgment and have to pay the ultimate penalty – hell.

Just ask God to forgive? What judge could just forgive a thief? That would make the judge unjust, wouldn't it? Sure it would!

But Jesus Christ is the Judge that removed His robe and came around to our side of the bench and died for us, enduring God's righteous judgment. He became our sin.

Our part is to "open the gift" God offers by repenting of our sin (turning from it) and trusting in what Jesus did for us so long ago. So, do you want to pay the penalty yourself? Repent, and trust in Jesus Christ alone as a skydiver would trust in a parachute. That's faith that saves. Take the “good” test at .

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