Monday, September 15, 2008

Recent Chill could be Start of Longer Term Cooling, says Researcher

For the proponents of man-caused global warming, I'm sure it never seems to end:

"I recently came across a research report written by Don J. Easterbrook, a Professor of Geology at Western Washington University that explains his theory of global cooling, which he says began in 2002, was interupted by the El-Nino of 2005, and will continue, by his projections until 2040. For the whole time period of 2002-2040, he expects a drop in temperature of about 0.5 C. Curiously, his projection is only for the Northern Hemisphere. This article stood out to me simply because since the late 80's, 1988 in particular, we have been bombarded with media stories warning of the dangers of global warming. Our more experienced readers may remember that in the 70's, there were many an article about global cooling and even an impending return to ice age conditions. So, an article on global cooling in this day and age, which may be seen as being more appropriate 30 years ago, piqued my interest. . ."

The rest is here. . ..

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