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Obama's Slip: Reveals a deeper problem.

I'd like to thank Christian Worldview Network for picking up my previous post on the Obama lip slip. While I wasn't originally planning on commenting on the incident, I think I need to address a larger issue that surrounds this whole "I'm a Christian" claim by Obama or anyone else for that matter.

The issue I'm speaking of has to do with the watering down of the meaning of "Christian".

If you go to any given blog discussing Obama's claim to be a Christian, you'll invariably find the argument (express or implied) that Obama makes a claim to be a Christian, therefore he is one. If you go look at the poll threads at WorldNetDaily, you'll run into this.

Let's remove Obama from the mix. It's not about Obama. It's about what the Bible teaches. And the Bible gives us certain criteria to test the profession of faith from another individual. Note: this is not a standard I or someone else set up, it is God's standard.

Read the first epistle of John. There are a number of tests offered to the first century readers to help them separate the true converts from the false. At the time, the Gnostics were causing confusion theologically in the newly started Body of Christ.

One of the key tests that John said could be used to separate the wheat from the tares is the confession of Jesus as the Christ. This doesn't mean just saying the name of Jesus Christ and making some intellectual nod at Him. It means to continually (through your life) confess Jesus as Messiah, or "Annointed One". God come in human flesh. And, as John said "Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?"

Indeed. Seems important to me. And it rightly should, for this is God's Word.

Again, it's not an issue of just standing up and saying at one time that "Jesus is the Christ". It's a pattern of life. It's ongoing. And it is a sign of a regenerative work of the Holy Spirit. In fact, the scriptures tell us that it is impossible to confess (as a pattern of life) Jesus as Lord except those who have been born of God.

Other tests? The test of love for fellow believers. Sure, we love all people but especially those who are believers. Then there is the test of purity. A person who really has trusted in Christ will show it in an increasingly holy life.

So, who are the real Christians? Those who openly confess with their lives that Jesus is the Messiah, the "Annointed One", the rightful God of the Universe Who came in human flesh. A person who has sincere sacrificial love for other believers and one who "purifies himself even as Christ is pure".

Look around. Who is doing this? Who isn't doing this?

Now, with regard to Obama. I will post here what I left as a comment somewhere else:

1. Lip Slips tend to reveal what has been hidden.

2. This is especially true of personally held beliefs. "From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" (Luke 6:45).

3. It is unfathomable to me for someone who is born of God to lip slip as Obama did about "my Muslim faith", just as it is unfathomable to me to imagine a Muslim saying something like "my Christian faith". No. Don't think so. Possible, I suppose, but I don't think so. However . . .

4. Compounding this was that his interviewer had to correct him. Almost instantaneously. So, this had to be pointed out to him. It's not like he said "my mus- excuse me, Christian faith". No. he said what he said and it sat there until George Stephanopoulos corrected him.

5. If Barak Obama is really a Christian (as he claims) then let him openly and consistently claim Jesus Christ as Messiah, God come in human flesh. Of course, Islam would call that blasphemy. But to a real Christian, that is not an issue.

In summation, and to the point, what bothers me isn't so much that Barak Obama might be a Muslim. What bothers me most is the ease at which he (and others) can make the claim - - - and be believed - - - in spite of what the Scriptures teach. And this is a sad commentary on the legacy of "evangelicalism" in America.


Just found this over at One News Now. It's a comment in a thread there. While it is not all worded as I'd say it, I find it interesting in light of my third point (above):

""Please PLease! We as christians need to pray, pray! I hope you all saw the interview Sunday when George Stef had ask him about people refuting his faith.And he made a slip of the tongue. "Ah,ah, my muslim faith" George quickly corrected him"You mean your christian.....he replied" christian faith" When a person is truly a born again christian, your christian faith is the most important thing in your life! NO christian would make a slip of the tongue that slanderous about themselves if it wasn't true! I don't understand why people continue to defend him on this just because he says he is a christian. Well people lie everyday about everything to make themselves look better to the public.And he is not above lying!"" (Empasis mine). -tb

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