Friday, September 26, 2008

Personal Updates

Yes, it's been quiet around here on the blog for a few days. Lots of personal and professional stuff going on.

Just got back from a funeral today. My wife's uncle died a little over a week ago and the week progressed more slowly than usual. Visitation last evening and the funeral today. My wife is doing well but she is understandably grieved. Her uncle was a nice guy to be around. Very friendly person and I always felt at ease around him. He was 79 and had suffered from some strokes. He had been on dialysis for a long time. He died in his sleep the 18th of this month after having a couple more strokes. Prayers for my wife are, and will be appreciated.

The woman I care for is in the hospital. We took her to the E.R. yesterday afternoon and blood tests reveal a few deficiencies. They are keeping her for a day or two to check things out, but no reason to think she won't bounce back. She's 95, but is basically an old farm lady. Very tough woman. The kind that you would say "will outlive all the rest of us".

I suspect she'll be out soon.

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