Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Update

If it appears that things have been quiet around here at the 'Fly lately, there is good reason. Work!

I work on a contract basis giving care to an elderly (95 year old) lady here in town and this past week we've been trying to get her to drink more fluids. She's been borderline dehydrated for some time. Not any more! Her fluid intake is greatly improved. However, what goes in must eventually, well, come out, so that means more trips to her home to help her out.

I love my job. It is such a blessing to me. She says that even though it is hard to drink so much, it is helping her feel much better. She's losing some weight and that helps too.

So, lift up "granny" and me as I continue to work to help her health improve.

I will be posting an article here in a day or two regarding Islam. I've been getting "convert while you have time" comments from Islamic readers here. I feel a good post on the error of Islam coming on.

I'd appreciate your prayers.



Jfranklin6 said...

You have my prayers, for the woman in your care and for the Islamic readers. But you should agree with them, they must convert while there is time!

Tim Brown said...

Great to see you here!

Either I'm mistaken or you didn't understand what they said. . .

"convert [to Islam] while there is still time". Not sure precisely of the meaning behind that. . ..

Oh well. We pray for them.

Thanks for your prayers.

Tim Brown said...

I'd add that granny is doing ok, based on her body weight she should be taking in 75 ounces of water per day for normal rehydration.

Got her up to that today. Been modifying her diet for more fruits and veggies with high water content and of course glasses of water.

She says she feels lots better, some reasons I won't go into but it has to do with better fiber intake. And she's losing a bit of weight. That's good because a stroke she had some time back (along with arthritis) left her right leg less useful than it should be.

As I said, it's a great job. My degree is in Computer Science but this kind of work is a whole lot more gratifying. You're actually helping someone!