Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Their "Messiah" is Our Antichrist!

It was a while back that I received an email from someone in Canada who is apparently of the Islamic religion. The comment that was submitted contained the following statement, among many others:

"You have not lost hope as yet . There is still time. Go over the Quran maybe it might help you see things clearly."

While it's not my habit of posting such comments, it isn't because I have no concern for the person or what they think. And, as for my own welfare, what this person may or may not have meant by "there is still time" is unknown and not relevant. Was it a threat of an oncoming persecution by Islam on those who reject Islam? I don't know, although I am certain one is coming. Is it possible that this is an Islamic warning of "convert or perish in hell"? I doubt it -- conversion to Islam is no guarantee that the god of Islam will accept them anyway - the god of Islam is a very capricious god. The closest thing you get to assurance in Islam is martyrdom. Could it have been a prank? Perhaps but I thank that is unlikely.

But no matter. They are lost and in need of the Savior. So we pray for them. There is only "one name under heaven whereby we must be saved" and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. I would ask this person if Mohammad died for their sin? We've all sinned. We've all broken God's law which is as immutable as God's character. That includes myself, you and this person who sent the above statement.

Having said that, I wanted to fulfill a "promise" (not really a promise but I said I'd do this) by simply posting a link to a page that reflects what I've been learning about Islam. If you are interested in end times developments, you'll find it of interest if you haven't been made aware of it before. The summation can be found here. It is a comparison of the Islamic "Messiah" and the Biblical Messiah. If you want the details and documentation, it is here. This isn't the material that brought me to this study, I think it was a broadcast that I heard on Messianic Jewish radio a few months ago. But the points I heard are all there, at least mostly.

The title of this post gives away what you can expect to read at the links I provided.

Convert to Islam? Me? No. No thanks. I prefer to trust the Scriptures which have repeatedly demonstrated themselves to be reliable through history, archaeology, prophecy and my own personal experience. If that means my beheading, so be it. Besides, I believe that the Savior Who died for my sin deserves all I've got.


Jfranklin6 said...

Kinda creepy that Christian and Islamic escatology coincide, isn't it?

Tim Brown said...

That was the FIRST thing that I thought when I heard the broadcast on the radio.

But then the devil never comes up with anything new, he just creates an imitation of what God is doing. This is no different.

Adds a whole new dimension to the issue of Rick Warren signing the Islamic document, doesn't it?