Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Been a Good Week

Things are finally quieting down. It's been busy around here. Getting the roof done, (which was a real challenge -- getting good help is hard to do and we didn't get good help).

Finally got the new computer stable (memory timing problems. The particular Intel motherboard I selected is apparently difficult to get stable with high speed ram so there have been lots of random reboots).

Then, of course, keeping track of my weight loss, which has been particularly joyful. I mean that. This past week I finally got down to 260, which is a ten year low for me. I've lost 25 in the past seven weeks and need to lose another 75. So, you could say the first quarter is down with three to go. So far, so good. And I'm thankful. And I do feel better.

Drinking lots of water helps but you end up being rather, well, busy when you take in a gallon a day or close to it. I'm finding this web site to be extremely helpful. I recommend it highly, it gives you some accountability.

My work remains a challenge but that is to be expected in being a care giver. The struggle is seeing things happening that apparently the family cares to be oblique about. Given that I'm giving this person perhaps 95% of the care they get through the week, it gets kind of lonely. There are two of us - myself and one of the grand daughters (who has a full time job already). So, it's between me and her. By God's grace neither one of us has had any illness to deal with. Another reason to be thankful. As always, I'm thankful for your prayers.

Next on the list is working on finishing the attic. Now that the roof has been done and we have proper venting installed, we can drywall our "A" frame attic. It'll be a nice diversionary project.

I'll try to liven things up here at the 'Fly this week. I know. It's been quiet. But there is a time for that.

Thanks for reading.


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