Saturday, April 05, 2008

Memorable Troll Quotes Coming Up!

We get them all the time here at the 'Fly. Comments that never see the light of day, for all kinds of reasons.

One main reason is that trolling has, of late, grown to almost epidemic proportions. Not necessarily in number but in just plain old nastiness. And I mean nasty. Well, at least they haven't stooped to calling my mother names. . .at least not yet.

It just seems that posting a comment from someone like this would be generally, well, stupid. What would be the point? After all, the whole idea of what a troll does is to try to get some sort of visceral gut reaction and start a fight. It turns into one of those "Supply proof but I'll never accept anything as valid proof" things. . .although they would never admit that.

And since the chief end of man is to glorify God and such conversation doesn't glorify God, then it just stands that it doesn't belong here. Besides, so many times, these people have their own blogs and submitting their comment basically amounts to advertising their blog (click on their name and "presto" you're reading their stuff!). Don't care for that too much here. So that is the second reason.

The third reason is that posting their comments would end up just being an embarrassment to them. It's happened more than once; someone belches fire and brimstone, going on and on about how I have some point wrong, how I don't know what I'm talking about, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum. Well, on more than one occasion it turns out that the article they were referring to was a quote from somewhere else, such as WorldNetDaily. All we did was post a reference to the article along with a short "teaser" snippet. Oooops! Guess you need to talk to them, huh? Posting that woulda hurt 'cha!

And there are other reasons as well, but then this post isn't about enumerating the reasons why troll comments don't get posted, it's about memorable ones. See, just because we don't post troll comments doesn't mean we don't have them archived. No No No! Yesserreee Bob, we sure do keep them. See, we can answer troll comments, but we can opt to do it on our own terms. . .and in doing so, we don't get mired in a thread that gets further and further afield and begins to generate more heat than light.

Besides, if I started discussing things with all the trolls that come by here demanding a "conversation", I wouldn't have time for anything else. So, they are archived. And we indeed deal with them; in a controlled way. It just seems to be the wise thing to do. Think of it as quarantining.

So, while I sort through the troll archives, prepare yourselves for a chuckle or two. Yes, names will be changed to protect the. . .er, never mind. We'll just change the names or leave them off altogether.

Till then. . .


carla said...

Oooo...that's one ugly picture.

Tim Brown said...

It's funny you'd bring that up at this moment. I was just thinking of all the other "troll" images that are available. I was thinking of using one that looks "cute" or "funny", which would illustrate my point that you can't take them or what they say seriously.

That's ok, I'll stick with this one.