Monday, July 16, 2007

Warren on "Learn to Laugh"

Ok, I admit it. Part of the reason I selected this as a post is because I wanted an excuse to use my neat "Outer Limits" graphic. But it doesn't invalidate the point I want to underscore: Rick Warren's seeming addiction to the abuse of scripture to make his point...even if perhaps there are valid scriptures he could find to do so.

Case in point. This article from the Christian Post, where Pastor Wannabe uses Psalm 2 to promote his position that God wants us to learn to laugh.

When they were teaching hermeneutics to Rick at seminary, I am convinced he just sat there and said "Herman Who?"

Rick Warren seems to love lifting scripture out of context. Sometimes even a few words. To respond in kind to Warren, I will close this entry with a quote from The Sacred Sandwich:

In keeping with this rather self-serving model of Scripture citation, The Sacred Sandwich wishes to respond to Warren with a phrase from Romans 11:32 (NASB) to make a point of our own: "Shut up..."

Hey Rick? Maybe you should order this DVD!

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