Friday, July 20, 2007

Chocolate Bar Evangelism

Sometimes you just have to focus on the positive. Yes, we all know Rick Warren is leading many astray. Yes, we all know the Roman Catholic Church is apostate. And as you blog-trot looking for articles which are worthy of repeating, you get tired of all the "preaching to the choir" that goes on. Yes, I agree with marking those who are in error and leading people astray, but after a while it is easy to just focus on what is wrong, instead of doing what is right. Besides, I'd rather focus on what God is doing than what the devil is doing, and the solution is to get the gospel out.

This past week has been a re-emphasis, for me, on personal evangelism. Our town just celebrated the opening of a super walmart. So, out I went with my livingwaters tracts. It was a great day! Every tract I left behind me was picked up. My wife stopped by there after work and saw one (million dollar bill tract) at the Subway sandwich store in the walmart, on top of a register. I hadn't left one there. So, they were still making the rounds! People always enjoy them.

Anyway, while I was there, I got an idea. This might appeal to you as well. When I got home, I designed a wrapper for the smaller 2x5 Hershey bars, which I purchased fairly cheaply. The wrapper goes over the real wrapper. It has a nice picture of chocolate on the front. Of course, make any adjustments you like -- the message is there on the "back" of the wrapper.

And, have fun sharing the gospel!

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clearly said...

I like the idea of giving chocolate out a whole lot more than replica money...the former makes people smile, the latter makes people cry:)