Monday, July 02, 2007

Let God Bring the Results

I write this with an understandably thankful heart.

Yesterday we had a visitor at our church. He was from another town in the northern part of the state. Well, it turns out this person came to our "Way of the Master" class last evening. He had seen the program and wondered what all the talk was about.

Remember, I recently started attending this church myself...maybe three months ago. I had been frustrated in trying to get a local church to see WOTM material as something other than "entertainment". It is (biblically) what we are to be doing. Not three weeks after arriving at this church, I had met another person very interested in this material. We got a class started. It's been going great!

Anyway, our visitor was there last evening. When he left, he grabbed some tracts and went back to the campground he is staying at. Turns out that he witnessed to a young man there, using the WOTM (biblical) model and the guy gave his life to Christ!

I give thanks to God for what He has done and how he has put all this together. Secondly, I'm thankful for the Lord leading me to an assembly of redeemed people who care enough for the lost to risk sharing the message of repentance and faith with them. This is my new family and I am thankful for them. Very thankful.

It was a number of years ago during his term as President of Moody Bible Institute that Dr. Joseph M. Stowell said in one of his messages that "The world isn't listening any more." Well, Dr. Stowell is wrong. They will listen when they hear the truth. And their conscience will tell them they are hearing it. They can't be tired of "hearing the message". They haven't really heard it.

Finally, I'm also thankful that God's Word is sufficient and we don't need to rely on human wisdom and "take lots of time to make a buddy" human marketing techniques in order to see a soul converted. We plant seeds.

May every one of us plant more seeds.

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