Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another Successful Halloween Evangelism Effort!

As I posted last year, halloween is probably one of my favorite days of the year. Why? Simple! What other day of the year do you get kids and adults coming to your door, asking for things? It creates traffic and it gives us a chance to spread the Gospel!

This year was even better than last year. More kids and adults. More outreach!

We repeated what we did last year but this time around we budgeted how much money we could afford to put in the "Gift For You" tracts. It was great to see that this year we could include five dollar bills instead of the one dollar bills we included a year ago. We gave those to the parents who accompanied the kids. And the adults, first of all, felt like kids themselves again because they probably haven't gotten a "treat" for years! But the real treat for them was the Gospel which was printed in the tract that held the money. We had many who thanked us out loud from the sidewalk! One adult woman looked in the tract, saw the money and the message and asked "Can I pass this along to someone else?" She had a big smile on her face! Wow! You never know where these things will go!

So the adults were reached and the kids, who were looking at the "Hey Kids" tracts as they walked away, got much more than they ever expected!

We're very thankful and by God's grace we'll be doing this next year on a larger scale.

Praise God!

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