Friday, November 07, 2008

A New Reason for Facebook

It was a few months ago (July, I think) that I joined facebook. Not a big deal to most people, I guess. It's just a great way to connect with others with common interest. And it seems to be a better site than myspace.

Today, we started a new group with the long name of "Let's Pray that Obama Comes to a Saving Knowlege of Jesus Christ". Yup. Long title but that's ok.

It was started for two reasons. First because we are told to pray for our leaders. That includes Obama, regardless of how you or I feel about him. And I'll say I did not vote for him and leave it at that. In any event, it is a simple issue of obedience to pray for him. And obedience to God glorifies Him.

I also started the group because I was getting so tired of seeing references to other groups such as "Fly the flag upside down", which urges facebook users to use the flag icon to express national distress. I make the connection to Obama because I've seen those who would profess to be Christians connect it to his election. No mention of prayer, no mention of "we don't like this but let's trust God". No. Just all the hand-wringing of unbelief. The endless "sky is falling because our nation is in danger" stuff.

I'm not denying that our nation is in danger, but I've already gone on record why it doesn't phase me and has no eternal consequence other than test our faith. Yes, I love my country but I vote and do whatever else I can then I leave everything else to the Lord. I believe in the sovereignty of God. I believe that there are absolutely no random molecules anywhere in the universe. God has everything the way He has planned it. And when it starts to get on my nerves, I repent and return to the idea that faith glorifies God more than fear. And honestly, it usually works. No sarcasm intended.

Naturally, there is a level of anxiety that comes with a newly elected leader who does not support our Christian worldview. But that is no reason to stay there. As Paul told Timothy, "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and a sound mind" (my paraphrase).

I would apply that verse to Obama in this way: We need to pray in the power of the Scriptures and God's Spirit, with a sound mind grounded in the Word to show love for the one whom we strongly disagree with on abortion, gay marriage and other issues. And we care enough about him to not want him to be lost in hell forever, regardless of how much we don't like what he stands for.

He is, after all, to be our next president and we are to pray for our leaders.

Another thing I've noticed -- groups on facebook centered on prayer that "God would give the grace to Obama to become pro-life". Well, that would be nice, but let's see him soundly saved first, ok?

So, if you have a facebook account and know your way around, look for the new group started up today. I'm not sure I'll be posting much there. It's more of a prayer and discussion board about issues to pray for about Obama. Again, do a groups search for "Let's Pray that Obama Comes to a Saving Knowlege of Jesus Christ".

Why don't you do it? Mike Ratliff joined it, so you know it's just gotta be cool!



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