Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why Halloween May Be One Of My Favorite Days

Ok, forget all the "pagan" stuff. Yup, it's real. And yes, I know it's a celebration of all things dark and I certainly don't agree with it.


On what other day do you have people coming to your door to whom you can give the Gospel? Every year we've been giving candy and "Hey Kids" tracts to the children. This year, however, we've begun giving tracts to the parents..."even if you aren't wearing a costume". The adults are getting the "Gift for You" tract with a one dollar bill in it. The parents are thrilled -- most likely because it has been years since they got anything for trick or treating. They feel young again...and get the most important information they could possibly ask for, even if they don't ask for it.

If what I'm hearing is correct, Halloween is becoming increasingly popular as the world gets darker...even to the point of competing with Christmas among the unsaved. If you are "spooked" about Halloween, I'd encourage you to turn it around on the adversary and use it to plant seeds! It's lots of fun and you know you are spreading the gospel!

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