Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Aim To Glorify God in The Midst of Your Trials

From Old Truth:

"Quoting Octavius Winslow . . .

Let this precious truth divest your mind of all needless, anxious care for the present or the future. Exercising simple faith in God, "Be care-ful for nothing". Learn to be content with your present lot, with God's dealings with you, and His disposal of you. You are just where His providence has, in its inscrutable but all-wise and righteous decision, placed you. It may be a position painful, irksome, trying, but it is right. Oh yes! It is right. Only aim to glorify Him in it.

Wherever you are placed, God has a work for you to do, a purpose through you to be accomplished, in which He blends your happiness with His glory. And, when you have learned the lessons of His love, He will transfer you to another and a wider sphere, for whose nobler duties and higher responsibilities the present is, perhaps, but disciplining and preparing you. Covet, then, to live a life of daily dependence upon God. Oh, it is a sweet and holy life! It saves from many a desponding feeling, a corroding care, an anxious thought, a sleepless night, a tearful eye, and an imprudent and sinful scheme. Repairing to the "covenant, ordered in all things, and sure" (2 Sam. 23:5), you may confide children, friends, calling, and yourself, to the Lord's care, in the fullest assurance that all their "times" and yours are in His hand."

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